04/04-04/09: Seth Mitchell, Lindsay Lane

03/28-04/02: Leslie Gonzalez, Clements

03/21-03/26: Connor Beck, Athens

03/14-03/19: Haley Patterson, James Clemens

03/07-03/12: Ben Frasier, Lindsay Lane

02/28-03/05: Raley McGill, Clements

02/21-02/26: Mason Billions, Ardmore

02/14-02/19: Christi Hogan, East Limestone

02/07-02/12: Colby Murphy, Elkmont

01/31-02/05: Kristen Graviett, ABS/Madelyn Dizon, Lindsay Lane

01/24-01/29: Barrett Brown, East Limestone

01/17-01/22: Faith Craig, West Limestone

01/10-01/15: Karl Parham, Tanner

01/03-01/08: Lydia Clemmons, Lauderdale County

12/27-01/01: Jed Sutherland, East Limestone

12/20-12/25: Emily Loggins, Ardmore

12/13-12/18: Clay Boley, Elkmont

12/06-12/11: Cana Vining, ABS

11/29-12/04: Jordan Scott, Athens

11/22-11/27: Katie Serrato, West Limestone

11/15-11/20: Henry Woodall, Lindsay Lane

11/08-11/13: Lilibeth Nabors, Lauderdale County

11/01-11/06: Dylan Lanier, Ardmore

10/25-10/20: Chloe Hopkins, West Limestone

10/18-10/23: Joshua Gallien, Clements

10/11-10/16: Jessie Green, ABS

10/04-10/10: Kollin Swart, East Limestone

09/27-10/02: Addison Tiemann, Ardmore

09/20-09/25: Hunter Hall, Clements

09/13-09/18: Emeril Hand, Elkmont

09/06-09/11: Tyler Moore, East Limestone

08/30-09/04: Lillie Baugher, West Limestone

08/23-08/28: Brady Moore, Clements

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